Training Detail

Hit the roads with our qualified trainers and benefit from one-to-one coaching. Many Van Drivers find this the best way to manage the road, at beginner or advanced levels, as they can spend time out on the road with an engaging expert who can help develop knowledge, awareness and safety.


Pertemps Driver Training provide a comprehensive service in Van Driver risk management on the road from developing the techniques of a single Driver to assisting with all aspects of on-road driving at work for your company.




Our one to one Van training and coaching packages are designed to target specific Van Driver risks. We have developed a number of on road coaching course however should our range of products not meet your business's needs our development team are always on hand to support in creating the required solution.

Safe Driving

Van Drivers face behavioural risks every time they go out on the road. Early recognition is the key to minimising these risks. Our on-road coaching will help to develop strategies to improve safety when behind the wheel.

Post Collision

Our trainers will work with the Driver to address the many reasons that can cause a collision. By raising awareness and asking the Driver to question their approach, our training will introduce strategies and techniques that can further reduce the risk of accidents.

Speed Awareness

This course is of particular interest to UK business owners who continue to be hit hard in the pocket by speeding fines. We offer bespoke on-road training to help Drivers tackle the behaviours that can lead to speeding, improve knowledge of the law and to highlight best practice when behind the wheel.

Eco Driving

Businesses of all sizes have been registering for this course as part of their ongoing efforts to reduce running costs. We offer on-road training which can provide some simple yet highly effective tips and techniques to help Van Drivers reduce the fuel and wear-and-tear on a company vehicle. This can aid in keeping vehicles running for longer.

UK Familiarisation

This course is designed for those who are working in the UK for a short time and will be required to drive, along with those who have moved to the UK and do not feel confident with the road layouts. The course will help those individuals have a better understanding of the different road types and rules governing UK roads.

Grey Fleet Drivers

As a diligent company you will understand the need to ensure Grey Fleet Drivers are well informed, safe and considerate Drivers. Our on-road training will improve awareness of speed limits and the Highway Code, vehicle familiarisation (vehicle controls) and vehicle checks and safe vehicle loading.