Carbon Reduction

As a responsible organisation supporting sustainability initiatives, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and are doing what we can to mitigate this impact, including:

- Tree Planting

- Carbon Neutral Goal

- Police/Road Safety Partnerships

- Podcast series to deliver environmental messages

- Funding for deprived areas

Pertemps Network Group mitigates more than 550 tonnes of its carbon emissions, working to maximise its environmental commitment in line with the Pertemps corporate strategy.

We have donated to the Woodland Trust, which has established its Woodland Carbon Scheme to enable companies and individuals in the UK to compensate for their contribution to UK green house gas emissions. We help the charity create new native woodland in the UK, which in time will absorbe carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

By joining the Woodland Carbon Scheme, Pertemps has supported the planting of approximately 2,377 UK native trees, which will sequester around 557 tonnes of carbon throughout their lifetime.