On Road Coaching

The joy of driving a high performance vehicle is not easily matched and is likely to be the highlight of anyone's day. For many, the purchase of a Supercar is significant; it can mark the moment a person reaches a life goal or achieved a dream. Whatever great things the car represents for the individual, Pertemps high performance Driver-coaches help Drivers know how to adjust driving style to maximise enjoyment and minimise risk.



Whilst your dealership may have taken the time to talk you through the extra controls, the technology and how to maximise your enjoyment, do you know the extra risks that come along with driving a high performance vehicle? 


Many Drivers enjoying the luxury of one of these vehicles also experience the less favourable aspects of ownership:

  • Higher risk of hijack and being tailed
  • Complex technology
  • Difficulty controlling in adverse weather conditions
  • Brand and personal reputation
  • Unfavourable urban road conditions
  • High Insurance premiums
  • Reduced fuel economy


At Pertemps Driver Training we have developed a course designed to guide you through the day to day realities of owning this type of vehicle, to help you maximise both safety and enjoyment. During your training session you will receive both theoretical and on-road training delivered by a high performance specialist in a friendly coaching style. The training can be delivered anywhere in the UK and the course duration can be up to 5 hours. 


At the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate the following:
  • How to lose a tail / unwanted attention, without risk to brand or personal reputation
  • Enhanced concentration and anticipation
  • The management of escape routes
  • Predictable, compliant driving which compliments the brand or personal reputation
  • Suitable planning and adjustments made to meet the demands of the vehicle characteristics
  • How to promote stability through the vehicle
  • Ideal cornering technique
  • How to identify problematic surface conditions and adjust driving style to avoid grip issues
  • Subtlety in built up environments


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Our overall aim is for the Driver to have the confidence and skills to make the most of their high performance vehicle on public roads while avoiding incident and protecting reputation.

Samantha Earl Pertemps Driver Training