Classroom Workshops

We provide a total solution to your Van Driver training needs. Workshops are a key component of a successful road safety education programme. Our highly educated and informed trainers ensure key messages are communicated in classroom formats that are designed to keep the Van Drivers engaged and involved. This is a cost effective way to meet your duty of care obligations under health and safety regulations and will ensure that safer, more efficient Van Drivers are representing your business.




Our Classroom Workshops are designed to target specific van drivers. We have developed a number of workshops however should our range of products not meet your business's needs our development team are always on hand to support in creating the required solution.


Drink and  Drug Driving

Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drink or drugs can have catastrophic results for drivers and passengers and can ruin lives. Educating people of the dangers is key to preventing incidents in the future. The pitfalls of drink and drug driving are plentiful so ensure your business is protected from risk and that your drivers are safe when out on the UK roads.

Mobile Phone Use

The number of instances of collisions caused by drivers using mobile phones continues to rise in UK. As a result, tougher penalties have been introduced. Make sure your business does not fall victim to the crackdown and ensure you are meeting your duty of care to employees and other road users. This is a positive workshop session that will help drivers identify and manage the factors that make them more likely to use a mobile phone while driving.

Hazard Awareness

This expert course aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the potential effects and consequences of poor hazard awareness. Our classroom training is recognised as one of the most effective ways of reducing driver-related incidents.


This workshop is suitable for any Driver – even if they have never been caught speeding. It offers knowledge, tips and expert opinion on how to manage speed in modern vehicles and investigates why so many drivers speed. Our course aims to change driver behaviour by examining the motivations behind speeding and stressing the potential consequences.

Seasonal Driving

Here in the UK we face one of the most changeable weather patterns that can possibly be imagined! You never quite know what to expect on our roads from one day to the next. Every season holds new challenges when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car so our classroom-based tips will help you prepare and cope with any eventuality.

Parking and Manoeuvring

Parking and manoeuvring can prove to be tricky. There are some situations that are a real challenge for even the most experienced motorists. This focused workshop looks at how drivers can reduce the chances of an incident, through distraction management and increased awareness and consider how you can manoeuvre in a safer way, or whether there are alternative options available.