Pertemps Team motivation event wins national award

Pertemps Network Group has won the ‘Most Effective Team Motivation Event’ at the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2017


The award recognised the huge success the annual Pertemps Network Group Go-Karting Championships achieves in motivating teams to perform even better across the group.


The judging panel, comprising leading experts and specialists from the world of business and recruitment, was highly impressed with the fact that the event involved all teams and divisions, creating enhanced team bonding, motivation and competitiveness.


For the five years the event has been running, Pertemps Network Group has seen an increase in both turnover and profit. The company also expects to see a longer-term return on investment, in building a chain of impact, developing customer service skills through networking and developing confidence and competitiveness with the goal of creating future leaders promoted from within.


Pertemps is also confident that the Go-Karting Championships will enhance retention with participants who took part in this year’s event giving positive feedback, agreeing that their motivation had improved following participation.


DeeDee Doke, Editor of Recruiter, said: “Just when we think there has never been a more critical time for recruiters to demonstrate their expertise and commitment in their sectors, yet another scenario unfolds in which the focus is even more on how recruiters can serve their clients – in this case, Brexit. And to provide clients with the very best services in these uncertain times, recruiters must get creative about motivating, inspiring and retaining the people who fuel their businesses to ever greater heights.”