Pertemps raise over £1,700 for Increase the Peace

Pertemps Driver Training and the Pertemps Gloucester Recruitment team completed a “Marathon in the Malverns” this weekend, raising over £1,700 for local charity, Increase the Peace.


Increase the Peace is a non-profit organisation, established in Gloucester in 2007. The Charity starts from a fundamental position of engaging with young people through its positive attitude, interactive activities and an environment where trust and respect is mutual. These are the core values of the centre and all who visit, work and support it. 


Increase the Peace works in partnership with parents, carers, schools and other organisations, providing an invaluable service to the community. The Charity currently faces a challenging time with cuts to their funding, therefore needs support now more than ever! 


On Saturday 22nd July, the Pertemps teams set off from a small village in Worcestershire for a 13 mile walk to the campsite. After a night under the stars, they were up early for a further 13 mile trek, but this time over the steep inclines of the Malvern Hills.


It was a challenging event that really pushed the team outside of their comfort zones, both mentally and physically. Achy joints and blistered feet were a common complaint in the last few miles, however the team crossed the finish line all together on Sunday afternoon, right on schedule. Family, friends and members of Increase the Peace were then invited to celebrate their achievement at a local Gloucester pub, where the Charity raffle put further money in the pot.


Samantha Earl, General Manager said of the event “I am proud of each and every one of my team. Everyone pulled together to get the job done, held each other up and kept each other laughing. I have such a strong team. I left our event rather sore, but full of pride. We have raised a great amount of money for a very deserving, local cause.”