Pertemps Driver Training in Collaboration with PRIM and RVM Assist to manage Road Risk


Over the years we have changed the way we make purchases, both personally and for business. Consolidated services have enabled us to free up our time, ensure quality and support cost reduction.


PRIM Fleet Standards, RVM Assist and Pertemps Driver Training have come together, in an industry first, to launch the very first, total outsource model for all fleet safety. Together they recognised it is time for consolidation of fleet safety legislation, best practice & innovation and fleet safety service providers.


PRIM Fleet Standards provides fleets with a road risk strategy, a true reflection of compliance and risk level, and provides consultative support to help fleets to work proactively to reduce incidents. PRIM aids organisations in ensuring their vehicle and driver operations meet the minimum requirements that must be met by Fleet Operators and encourages fleets to go above and beyond this by demonstrating a robust road risk solution, that continually drives road safety improvements.


David Leleu, Managing Director at PRIM Fleet Standards said “The partnership between ourselves and RVM Assist makes for a truly unique offering to the sector. For a long time now road safety has become cumbersome for organisations, especially when considering the vast amount of data streams involved in various fleet safety products/services that the organisation needs to manage and understand exactly how they can be used to successfully mitigate risk. From a resource perspective alone, it can be difficult for organisations to manage data from multiple platforms. Ultimately any product that can support organisations to improve their road risk strategy, therefore decreasing the potential of incidents in a much more efficient and targeted way, can only be a good thing for this sector.”


RVM Assist, through its DriverSure programme, provides supplier and data consolidation for the 5 key areas of managing risk: Driver Licence, Accident Management, Driver Training, Telematics and E-learning.


Paul Rose MD for RVM Assist said “As a much younger man in the late 1980’s, I watched with interest, the emergence and growth of the claims handling, telematics, driver training and licence checking industries. It has struck me with increasing bewilderment, how difficult it was always going to be for fleets to manage all those services and the data they generate.  Nowadays, as I stroll around a supermarket gathering food, toiletries, clothing, electricals, tools, pet food, stationery, alcohol and many other items conveniently consolidated into one shopping experience, I can’t help drawing a parallel with the fleet risk management market.  This is why our consolidated fleet risk solution sits so perfectly alongside the fleet standards work being carried out by PRIM”.


Pertemps Driver Training was founded in 2009 as a solution to the increased demand throughout the UK for skilled, trained and compliant Drivers. Built to enhance commercial driver skills, improve driver behaviours and recognise a “one size fits all” approach is not an effective road safety strategy. 


Samantha Leleu, General Manager & Founder of Pertemps Driver Training said “We are extremely excited to be involved in the collaboration with RVM Assist and PRIM Fleet Standards, which will bring a long overdue simplified, and targeted way for fleets to manage their road safety obligations. What we bring is our extensive experience in delivering highly effective training interventions to drivers to support a safe driver culture and reduce road risk, we look forward to supporting this programme.”


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