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I am looking for a provider to embed within my business, how is this possible?

We work with clients to identify road risk, both for whilst Drivers are carrying out duties and from an internal compliance perspective.


Often the process will start with a full audit of internal data and processes commonly followed by a review with our Fleet Auditors to identify and plot a road risk intervention plan. This can consist of many remedies from licence checking, on-line risk assessments, classroom and/or on-road training. Pertemps promotes the development of bespoke services, to ensure that meaningful training is delivered to provide positive outcomes.  


Once an intervention plan for the client has been established, the chosen methods of training will take place. During the delivery cycle and at chosen touch points, we measure and provide MI to ensure the successful application of the chosen road risk interventions.


Improving road safety in any business, needs a consistent approach to make effective change. We treat our clients as partners, and our collaborative approach helps us to embed ourselves in the clients business and therefore truly enabling us to drive improvements and deliver results