Professional Footballers' Association

In 2014, Pertemps Driver Training began supporting the road safety charity ‘The Honest Truth’- a Devon based Charity who work to reduce the number of young people killed or seriously injured on the roads. To help spread the key principles of ‘The Honest Truth’, Pertemps devised a strategy to target high risk young drivers on a national scale. Working in collaboration with the PFA (Professional Football Association) we developed a bespoke offering for every professional UK Football club. In 2017, the ‘Drive Another Day’ program became part of the curriculum within all Football Academies.

Together, we designed a bespoke classroom workshop which covers all aspects of road safety and driver behaviours. The aim was to ensure the workshop was thought-provoking, interactive and maintained engagement amongst the young players. To enhance the workshop further, we deployed the use of virtual reality technology, giving the course a practical and real world experience that the players may not otherwise have experienced.

This season, the feedback we have received from both Players and Managers has exceeded our expectations and we shall continue to offer our support around this issue in the seasons to come.

A full evaluation of the courses demonstrated that over 97% of those who attended would recommend the course to others!

“I thought that it was well worth doing, it was thought provoking and pitched at the right level. I like the fact that the workshop was varied and a good balance of talk, activity and videos. The presenters engaged the boys – the virtual reality was an ideal way to finish and reiterated all that had been said in the workshop. It was horrific but certainly put the message across. I would recommend this to any other clubs or schools.”- Head of Education”